Last Saturday, developers all around the world were gathering to improve their skills and learn more about Azure. Each user group was organizing their own one day deep dive class on Azure the way they see fit and how it works for their members. The result is that thousands of people got to learn about Azure and joined together online. This year was marking the 6th edition of the event and it was a great success.


As for the Montreal's chapter, we decided to team up with other locations all around Canada to build a hands-on workshop. That workshop was split in 7 little labs to help you build an app incrementally.

Title Description
Lab 1 - CI/CD Create a .Net Core App, put it in GitHub/ or Azure DevVops Repo. Create an Azure DevOps CI/CD, and deploy a webapp.
Lab 2 - ARM template Create an ARM template , also add a storage to the mix, modify the CI/CD to deploy.
Lab 3 - Container 1 Package the Application in a Docker container. Test it locally and deploy it manually to Azure Container Services.
Lab 4 - Containers 2 Create a new CI/CD pipeline to automate the container creation and deployment
Lab 5 - AI Add an Azure Cognitive Services Vision to the application to validate an image
Lab 6 - Serverless Create an Azure Function (blob trigger) to process all images in a blob storage and use the Vision API for filtering
Lab 7 - Security Moving all the keys and sensible information to a KeyVault

A big thanks to all organizers and contributors which made this possible.

You missed it?

No worries, all the content is available online with a complete walk through on our github repository.

Happy coding!