Like Build, this year, Microsoft Ignite was a 100% virtual event broadcast on three timezones over three days. There was so much content that it's hard to keep up with everything. I've done my best to compile a list of the most relevant sessions and announcements of the event.

Must watch sessions

Building digital resilience

Ignite started strong with a great Keynote by Satya Nadella. Microsoft's strategy is more relevant than ever in a world that needs to work and collaborate remotely. Teams is becoming the central platform that integrates with everything. Shortly, you'll be able only to use that app as it will expose and centralize everything else. The PowerPlatform is also a critical component that can build applications faster, automate tasks, and surface important information to make decisions. Microsoft builds all of this in an ecosystem that relies on three pillars; security, compliance, and identity.

The Future of Work

Microsoft is reinventing the way we'll work in the future. With the pandemic going on, it's more important than ever to have the right tools to collaborate efficiently. Teams is the central platform to make all of this happen. Cortana is smarter and can provide assistance with meeting organization and live meeting notes. There's a whole new "well-being" module in Teams that will give managers insight into their employee's health. Furthermore, it will also bring a lot of value to users with features like emotional check-ups, virtual commute, and more. Microsoft is building the perfect meeting experience for hybrid teams (half virtual and a half in-person) with all of these new capabilities.

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Microsoft Power Platform: Fill the App Gap and Supercharge Organizational Agility

A few years ago, when mobile came out, the motto was: "There's an app for that". Unfortunately, it didn't apply well to the line of business (LOB) applications that must be customized to the business needs. These apps are then costly to develop as your need to hire a full team of developers to build them. PowerPlatform is the central piece that will enable businesses to grow faster and more efficiently in their digital transformation journey. With this platform, citizen developers can now build apps in record time and achieve business objectives quickly. The platform contains all the tools and building blocks you'll ever need, and if it doesn't, pro devs will be able to create them and add them seamlessly to the PowerPlatform.

Invent with Purpose on Azure with Julia White and Friends

Azure is not only a public set of services in the cloud but also becoming the foundation of everything at Microsoft. A big part of Teams is now moving to Azure as a new API, Azure Communications Services. It will allow you to make and receive phone calls, SMS, and video calls as a service. There's also a lot more innovations coming in the AI capabilities of Azure.

The Future of .NET is .NET 5

.NET is now one of the most significant and loved ecosystems out there. The developer's community keeps growing at a crazy rate as we see more and more adoption of the platform. .NET 5 is the new milestone and will bring a ton of improvements, namely, C# 9.0, F# 5.0, ARM 64 support, and more. The next version of .NET comes with many new features and major improvements regarding performance and local developers' experience with tools like project Tye. .NET 5 begins the journey to unify and simplify all the framework into one platform.

Are we there yet? App Development in Azure with Scott Hanselman and Friends

Developing in the Microsoft ecosystem keeps getting better and better. GitHub CodeSpace is a new way to centralize your development in the cloud (build, debug, and release). You can develop from your browser or with a lightweight machine by installing the VisualStudio shell and nothing else! All the beefy power you need is now in the cloud.

Azure App Service, one of the simplest platforms to deploy and run web applications in Azure, is also getting better with:

  • Windows container supports
  • New SKU, Premium V3
  • App Service Environment V3
  • Reservation Pricing

On the data side, Azure CosmosDB has a new serverless operations model and integrates seamlessly with Azure Synapse, making it a great choice to store non-relational data in the cloud.

Other exciting sessions


For all the announcements, check out the Ignite Book of news

Skill challenge

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