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Blog posts

  • Writing .NET Database Integration Tests
    (Khalid Abuhakmeh) - In this post, we will see why integration testing is my recommended path moving forward, discuss the pros and cons, and see how to implement it in our test infrastructure.

  • CQRS + Event Sourcing
    (Daniel Whittaker)
    A common issue I see is understanding the flow of commands, events, and queries within a typical CQRS ES based system. The following post is designed to clear up what happens at each step. Hopefully, this will help you to reason about your code and what each part does.

  • Add HTTPS To Any Site For Free
    (Steve Smith) - How to add HTTPS in minutes to your website and for free!

  • A guide to remote development with Live Share
    (Filisha) - Everyone needs to change the way they work and collaborate with others, discover how LiveShare can help you in your day to day work as a developer.


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